Each format is unique and trainees are led to expand and refine their skills in a personalized and specialized way.



My masterclasses are open to amateurs and mid-level and advanced professionals. You must be over 18 years old, have basic photography skills and photographic equipment that you find appropriate for your personal practice and with whom you identify.

I will exemplify and expose my way of creating and executing each vision, sharing my lights and a model of my personal preference, taking you on a personal and creative journey. A must for the search and realization of your photography.


Although with different themes and paths, masterclasses follow a common and functional structure, realizing creative freedom in an efficient methodology. Held on weekends.


Each masterclass is exclusive with participants limited to 6 students, chosen and admitted by portfolio presentation and written reason of application.

Current Programs:


Perception of the portrayed as a singular whole and breaking the boundaries between portrait and nude.

Intense and deep portrait in which the body is assumed as a frame of the portrayed.


Compulsion and transgression in the expression of each photographer's ego and intimacy.

Creation free space for the photographer looking for a felt and intimate language of his emotions and visions.

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